Boyfriend Tag


Pakotin poikaystävän näin ystävänpäivän kunniaksi vastamaan näihin kuuluisiin boyfriend tag-kysymyksiin, tai ainakin osaan niistä. Ja kuvat on meidän viime vuotiselta Marokon reissulta missä oltiin juurikin ystävänpäivänä!

1. When did we meet and where?
- Hyde Park, London, I have no idea when, although I believe it was mid-morning?

2. What's my least favorite food?
- Mia's least favourite food, is my favourite food, Lamb. This is the biggest let down of our relationship.

3. What would I eat every day if I could?
- Pizza, Pizza & Pizza.

4. What is my favorite cake?
- Pizza cake?

5. Do I have any nicknames? What is it?
- Lots, we invent new ones every couple of months.

6. What talents of mine do you love?
- She is talented at making me happy. which is a good talent to have and one I appreciate a lot.

7. What's my shoe size?
- You should know that yourself.

8. What is something that you do often but I don't like?
- Watch rugby.

9. Something what I do often but you don't like?
- Ask me questions while I am watching rugby.

10. What do I like spending hours and hours doing?
- Watching silly vlogging youtubers.

11. What's the strangest food that I like?
- Tomato puree straight from the bottle.... yuk.

12. What makes me irritated?
- Tardiness

13. What about happy?
- Cleanliness

14. How do I dress at home?
- Like she is always ready for sleepytime.

Mun mielestä näitä vastauksia oli ainakin hauska lukea :-D

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